Resourceful Information Solutions for Wastewater Treatment

The latest generation of our Human Machine Interface (HMI) Panel offers wastewater treatment system operators the ease and convenience of touchpad operation, automated reporting and record-keeping, and remote access connectivity.

Developed, programmed and supported by the same Beckart technicians who design our Programmable Logic Controllers and the chemical and engineering decisions made by the PLCs to optimize treatment, our HMI Panel is a graphical center for all system operations.

Chemical Usage Graph

Built-in data logging (chemical usage, histories, pH, tank levels, alarms, etc.) allows for transfer to external storage or network location*

Laptop and screen demonstrating remote monitoring

Remote monitoring (view and interact with screens) from anywhere*


  • High resolution wide screen display
  • Backwards compatible with older PLCs
  • On-board Help system (view drawings, procedures, manuals directly on HMI)
  • System overview (high resolution screen allows entire system to be viewed on single screen)
  • Built-in SMTP client allows HMI to send emails based on system events (text alerts, etc.)*
  • PLC Input/Output screens to aid in troubleshooting
  • Ability to generate reports that can be saved as PDF (local or remote*) or printed to network printer*
  • 9″, 12″, 15″, 19″ sizes

* Requires network connection