Aluminum Chlorohydrate

Aluminum chlorohydrate is the coagulant of choice for many industrial and sanitary wastewater treatment applications, due to its high efficiency, effectiveness in clarification, and utility as a sludge dewatering agent. The chemical leaves no residual color, offers very good turbidity removal, and is available as GRAS.

Typical Applications:

  • Industrial and sanitary wastewater treatment
  • Inks, food, metals, and oily wastes
  • Phosphorus removal & color reduction
  • Paper & pulp wastes
  • Sludge dewatering
  • Metals precipitation
  • TSS, FOG, BOD and COD removal
Typical Properties:

  • 50% concentrate
  • pH at 50% = 4.0 Standard Units

Packaging and Handling:
Aluminum Chlorohydrate should be handled in accordance with the Material Safety Data Sheet and applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations. DOT classification is 9; Packing group III; RQ is 5000 as 100% Al2 (SO4)3; DOT ID NO. UN3077.

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