For Help with Total Suspended Solids Reduction, Look to Beckart Environmental

Total suspended solids reduction is a top priority for organizations that treat wastewater. The term total suspended solids refers to the amount of particles that are in wastewater. The ideal method for removing these particles is determined by the type of contaminants in the water and other factors. Whether you are new to treating wastewater and need to build a DAF treatment system or other type of system from scratch, or you want to find ways to improve an existing system, Beckart Environmental can provide everything you need to treat your wastewater in an efficient manner.

Here are some important facts to know about Beckart Environmental:

  • We produce our equipment in-house at our world-class manufacturing facility in Kenosha, Wisconsin, to ensure that it will meet the highest standards for quality and perform well through the years.
  • Unlike manufacturers that sell their equipment through middlemen, we will provide you with your system directly to keep costs low and save you money.
  • We have been a trusted provider of treatment solutions since 1978, establishing ourselves as the equipment manufacturer of choice for businesses in many industries.
  • In addition to treatment equipment, we offer a broad array of chemicals and related supplies, so you can receive all of the products you need as part of an all-in-one solution.
  • Our comprehensive support services can help you select, set up, and run your new system. We offer treatability studies, equipment installation, staff training, remote system monitoring, and more.

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The first step to establishing an efficient system for total suspended solids reduction is calling Beckart Environmental at (262) 656-7680. We will discuss your needs and explain in detail the different options you have to reduce TSS.

Beckart Environmental is a full-service treatment supplies company that has representatives on five continents and proudly serves facilities around the globe.