Treatment of Industrial Waste Water

Treatment of industrial waste water is a necessary task that many businesses must perform. This is because, in the course of doing their normal work – whether it’s crafting airplane parts from metal, producing corrugated cardboard boxes, or printing labeling for food products – businesses often end up with contaminants mixed in with the water they use. Since it would be hazardous to the environment – and illegal – for companies to simply discharge this contaminated water into their local sewage system, they must find a way to first remove the pollutants from the water.

Industrial waste water treatment can be performed in a variety of ways. Many systems are what’s called sedimentation systems, which means that they cause contaminants to settle out of a waste water mixture so that the materials can be removed from the bottom of a clarification tank. Special chemicals are commonly added to the waste water to encourage the contaminants to more easily sink to the bottom of the tank. Or, instead of sedimentation, many businesses use flotation tanks to separate pollutants from water. As their name implies, flotation systems inject tiny air bubbles into waste water to cause contaminants to rise to the water’s surface, where they can be skimmed away into a separate holding area and then dewatered before being sent for disposal.

Partner with the Waste Water Treatment Experts

If you need to implement a waste water treatment system in your facility, consult with the experts at Beckart Environmental. We’re a treatment equipment manufacturer that offers everything you need to get an effective system up and running. We can help you identify your treatment needs, obtain the necessary permits for your system, install the equipment for you, and train your employees on how to use it. We can also supply you with any chemicals you require, whether you simply need regular commodity chemicals or custom blends for your treatment of industrial waste water. Contact us today for more information.