The Advantages of Getting Chemical Services Along With Your Wastewater Treatment Equipment from Beckart Environmental

Beckart Environmental is one of the world’s leading wastewater treatment contractors, offering equipment along with a comprehensive range of support services. By taking a holistic view of our customers’ water treatment needs, we’re able to provide more effective treatments while ensuring their wastewater treatment systems operate with minimal downtime. Chemistry is one of the most important components we look at when developing solutions, and we can provide a number of chemical services that help ensure our customers meet their treatment goals.

With our waste water treatment chemical supply service, it’s easy for businesses to get all of the essential water treatment chemicals they need for their wastewater treatment equipment. We have depots located regionally, allowing us to efficiently fill orders no matter where they come from. Our range of products includes flocculants, acids, alkalis, odor controllers, filter aids, and coagulants, with options suitable for treating virtually any contaminant.

In addition to supplying chemicals, Beckart can provide innovative solutions that will help you optimize the efficiency of your wastewater treatment equipment. Our chemists can thoroughly analyze samples from your feed water and effluent stream, and design optimized chemistry plans for each stage of your treatment process.  Our service team can provide ongoing support and field training to assure the chemicals used are optimized and the waste water treatment system automation is maintained.

Beckart has even developed improved ways to supply our customers with other less common treatment chemicals like chlorine dioxide to oxidize contaminants and eliminate odor. For example, our Aqua Dry kits can be stored safely for extended periods and create large volumes of a stabilized ClO2 solution when mixed with water, allowing them to replace a generator in small- to mid-sized operations.

To learn more about Beckart Environmental’s chemical services, water treatment supplies, and wastewater treatment equipment, contact us today.