Wastewater Filtration System Products and Services for Customers Nationwide

Beckart Environmental has designed, built and installed wastewater filtration systems for companies worldwide since 1978, and can develop innovative solutions to meet the treatment goals of any organization. Whether you need filtration presses for slurry or reverse osmosis filters for grey water, our selection includes a wide range of products that are effective, easy-to-use and affordable. We design, manufacture and install the majority of our equipment in house, which allows us to offer low prices on our high-quality products. We also include advanced technologies such as PLCs in our filter press systems to automate many chemical and engineering decisions. These technologies also drastically reduce the training and labor required to operate our wastewater treatment devices.

In many cases, we can combine our wastewater filtration and other treatment equipment into zero-discharge wastewater recycling systems. These systems are some of the most cost effective available since they eliminate your effluent stream and associated costs to discharge.

Our Support Services

As a full-service contractor, Beckart can provide all the services you need to support your wastewater filtration or wastewater recycling system, including:

  • Supply services for filtration aids, flocculants and other treatment chemicals
  • Chemistry optimization to determine the ideal mix for your unique operations
  • Maintenance and repair support from our skilled engineers

For more information on the benefits of having a wastewater filtration system from Beckart Environmental installed at your facility, contact us today.