Do You Need an Auto Odor Eliminator?

For an auto odor eliminator that works fast and effectively, look to Beckart Environmental. We have long been a trusted supplier of chlorine dioxide odor removal products, and we now offer a chlorine dioxide efficiency system that is ideal for eradicating odors from vehicles. Whether you want to get rid of odors caused by smoke, pets, or moisture, our auto odor eliminator is what you need. It takes just minutes to set up and will disperse odor-eliminating chlorine dioxide vapor throughout your vehicle in as little as 50 minutes. Because it works so quickly, the system is convenient for auto dealerships, car rental companies, and other businesses that have similar needs.

What the Kit Includes

With our chlorine dioxide efficiency system, you will have everything you need to remove odors from vehicles. The kit consists of a hard plastic carrying case that includes the following:

  • An aerator that will draw in chlorine dioxide and release it as vapor
  • Two aerator hoses that can be used to move the chlorine dioxide from the mixing container to the aerator
  • A container for adding chlorine dioxide tablets to water
  • Storage space for your chlorine dioxide tablets

In addition to working as an odor eliminator for cars, this system works in virtually any other enclosed space. So, if you also need to remove odors from a boat interior, portable bathroom, RV, or basement, you can use the aerator to quickly solve the problem. Because chlorine dioxide vapor removes odor at its source rather than masking it the way other odor elimination products would, you can rest easy knowing that the unpleasant smells are gone once and for all.

To learn more about the benefits of using our chlorine dioxide efficiency system as an auto odor eliminator, contact Beckart Environmental today.