An Automated Filter Press from Beckart Environmental Can Save You Money on Disposal Costs and Labor

With an automated filter press from Beckart Environmental, you can effectively dewater sludge with minimal labor required. Our Hy-Pack® series of batch filter presses produce solid, compact sludge cakes when used with IAF (Induced Air Flotation) and DAF (Dissolved Air Flotation) systems, and only require operator intervention for the press set-up, cake removal, and maintenance. They produce 35-50% solids in the filter cake, saving you money on disposal. Plus, our automated filter press equipment comes with many standard features that you might need to pay extra for from other suppliers.

Features of the Hy-Pack Line of Filter Presses

Notable components of our filter presses include:

  • Cold-draw steel side rails
  • Solid hot-rolled steel head and follower plates
  • All-welded hydraulic cylinders
  • Air blowdown drain system
  • Polypropylene recessed filter plates rated at 100 psi
  • Polypropylene filter clothes with gasketed edges
  • Two-speed hydraulic pumps

Filter Presses for Better Sludge Dewatering

Filter press equipment, which features a series of plates with filters on them, receives liquid sludge from a pump and disperses the sludge among the filters. The press then applies pressure to the plates, squeezing out the water and leaving “sludge cake” behind. This largely dry waste allows for more affordable disposable. With our Hy-Pack filter presses, your sludge cakes will have higher solid content than those produced by vacuum filters, belt presses, or centrifuges. Sludge cakes will also have less volume than cakes produced by alternative dewatering methods. In fact, many sludge cakes from a Hy-Pack press may even be landfill-ready.

Seamless Integration With Your Wastewater Treatment Equipment

Our filter presses will integrate easily into virtually any existing wastewater filtration systems, enabling you to seamlessly upgrade your sludge dewatering equipment without also needing to replace other technology. However, if you would also like to upgrade your treatment tank, chemical feed system, or any other element of your wastewater treatment automation system, we’ll provide you with a cost-effective solution. We design and build our filter presses in-house, cutting out the middle men to save you money. We offer options for treatment systems of any size, from 470mm plate presses for 4 cu. ft. batches all the way to 1200mm plate presses for batches up to 125 cu. ft.

Partner With a Leading Filter Press Manufacturer

No matter what type of treatment operation you run or where your facility is located, Beckart can meet the specific needs of your industrial facility or municipal plant. Known for our Hy-Pack filter presses, which have been installed in thousands of facilities worldwide, we also provide high-performing centrifuges for sludge dewatering. Our team of wastewater treatment experts can help you compare these two options and determine which system makes the most sense for your operations.

Your Ideal Dewatering Solution Is a Phone Call Away

To discuss how an automated wastewater filter press can reduce your disposal costs, contact Beckart Environmental today. Our batch filter presses are the sludge dewatering equipment of choice for businesses in many different industries, including stone fabricating and metal finishing. We can proudly say that thousands of our batch filter presses have been installed worldwide.