Beckart Environmental’s Chlorine Dioxide Car Deodorizer

For car dealerships and other businesses with similar needs, it can be a major challenge to effectively remove odors from vehicles. Bothersome smells can become embedded in upholstery and other materials, and many products on the market will fail to remove these odors completely. Fortunately, Beckart Environmental offers an easy and effective solution. Long known as a trusted supplier of odor-destroying chlorine dioxide products, we’ve developed a chlorine dioxide efficiency system that works exceptionally well as a car deodorizer. This system is an all-in-one-kit that contains everything you’ll need to remove odors from vehicles using chlorine dioxide.

How It Works

To use Beckart Environmental’s car deodorizer, simply follow these steps:

  • Place the efficiency system on the floor of a car
  • Add four ounces of water to the container provided in the kit
  • Place chlorine dioxide tablets in the water
  • Turn on the aeration system
  • Close the doors of the car
  • After 20 minutes have passed, open and start the car
  • Allow the chlorine dioxide gas to circulate throughout the vent system for 20 minutes
  • Roll down the car’s windows and let the vehicle air out

Once any lingering chlorine dioxide odors have dissipated, you’ll be left with a clean-smelling vehicle. This entire process can be completed in under an hour, saving you a significant amount of time and effort compared to what other odor-removal methods would require.

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