A Convenient and Effective Car Odor Eliminator – Beckart Environmental’s Chlorine Dioxide Efficiency System

If you are in search of a car odor eliminator, look to Beckart Environmental. We have long been a trusted provider of chlorine dioxide products for odor elimination, and now we proudly offer a chlorine dioxide efficiency system that simplifies and accelerates the process of removing odors from vehicles. The system works exceptionally well at eliminating the smell of smoke, mold, and many other unpleasant odors. Rather than simply masking the odors, it truly removes them at their source.

How It Works

Our chlorine dioxide efficiency system consists of a carrying case that includes an aerator, storage space for chlorine dioxide, two aerator hoses, and a container for combining the chlorine dioxide with water. The system can be used as a car odor eliminator by following these simple steps:

  • Add water to the container that is included in the carrying case
  • Drop the included chlorine dioxide tablets into the water
  • Place the aerator hose into the container
  • Turn on the aerator

In less than an hour, the chlorine dioxide will be fully dispersed. Any residual chlorine dioxide odor will dissipate shortly after treatment.

Beckart Environmental vehicle odor removal system is highly convenient for many customers, including auto dealerships that can now remove odors from used cars in less than an hour.

To eliminate odors quickly and effectively with our chlorine dioxide efficiency system, contact Beckart Environmental today. We are a trusted source for chlorine dioxide supplies and proudly offer our innovative car odor eliminator for clients worldwide.