Invest in a Car Odor Eliminator Machine from Beckart Environmental

Beckart Environmental offers a car odor eliminator machine that‘s extremely useful for car dealerships and other businesses with similar needs. These systems harness the odor-eliminating power of chlorine dioxide, dispersing chlorine dioxide vapor throughout an enclosed space to remove smells caused by smoke, pets, damp conditions, and other sources. Businesses that use our chlorine dioxide efficiency systems appreciate how quickly the machines work so that odors can be removed faster with less time and expense. These systems also work well in boats, RVs, hotel rooms, homes, and virtually any other enclosed space, providing users with a powerful odor-eliminating tool wherever they need one.

How to Use the Chlorine Dioxide Efficiency System

Using Beckart Environmental’s chlorine dioxide efficiency system is easy and requires no previous experience with odor removal products. To eliminate smells from an automobile using this system, follow these simple steps:

  • Add water to one of the containers provided in the efficiency kit
  • Drop a chlorine dioxide tablet into the water
  • Attach one of the hoses included in the kit to the aerator and place the other end of the hose in the chlorine dioxide solution
  • With the car running and the air conditioning system in the vehicle turned on, press the power button on the aerator
  • Exit the vehicle and watch as the aerator disperses chlorine dioxide vapor throughout the car’s interior
  • Wait the necessary amount of time (determined by the size of your vehicle and the amount of chlorine dioxide used) before re-entering your vehicle

For more information on how our car odor eliminator machine can make unpleasant smells a thing of the past, contact Beckart Environmental today. We’re a widely respected supplier of odor removal products that proudly serves clients throughout the United States and around the world.