Carpet Cleaning Supplies from Beckart Environmental

Are you looking for a better cleaner to use for your carpet cleaning projects? If so, Beckart Environmental offers the perfect solution. Our “Number 1” carpet cleaner is quickly becoming the preferred choice for professional carpet cleaners throughout the industry. Compared to other carpet cleaning supplies, our “Number 1” cleaner stands out for being effective, versatile, and easy to apply. Whether you’re doing spot cleaning in a house or performing a large-scale commercial project, you’ll find that the cleaner works for the intended application and delivers outstanding results.

Because issues that cause stains often generate unpleasant smells, it’s beneficial to use a cleaner that also removes odors. Made with odor-destroying chlorine dioxide, our “Number 1” cleaner eliminates smells directly at their source. The cleaner works remarkably well on odors caused by smoke, pets, damp conditions, and many other issues. And, unlike products that simply mask smells, our cleaner removes odors once and for all.

Using Our “Number 1” Carpet Cleaner

You’ll find that using our “Number 1” carpet cleaner is a straightforward process. You simply measure out the appropriate amount of the powdered chemical and add it to water in a spraying device. The solution can then be applied directly to stains (or the source of odor). In most cases, applying the chemical and allowing it to dry will deliver the desired results. You can go over the carpet with a carpet cleaning machine if you want, but let the carpet first dry for at least 30 minutes. If the source of a smell is located in the padding beneath carpet, you’ll need to sufficiently saturate the carpet so that the chemical will seep down into the padding and provide adequate treatment.

To learn more about our “Number 1” carpet cleaner and place your first order, contact Beckart Environmental today. We’re proud to provide some of the most effective carpet cleaning supplies available to carpet cleaning companies throughout the industry.