Beckart Environmental’s “Number 1” Carpet Deodorizer Is Effective and Easy to Use

Beckart Environmental has long been known as a trusted provider of odor-eliminating products made from chlorine dioxide. Now, we offer an innovative carpet odor remover that’s taking the industry by storm. Called our “Number 1” carpet deodorizer, this product is formulated using stabilized chlorine dioxide, providing the perfect tool for removing bothersome smells caused by pets, smoke, and other culprits.

For smaller projects, you can simply add the powdered chemical to water in a spray bottle and spray the solution directly on the source of an odor. If the smell is coming from the padding beneath the carpet, you’ll need to sufficiently saturate the carpet so that the liquid solution will seep down into the padding below. In most cases, spraying the carpet deoderizer on the source of the smell and allowing it to dry will be all that’s needed to eliminate the odor once and for all.

Remove Stains Along with Unpleasant Odors

One great quality about our “Number 1” carpet deodorizer is that it removes stains just as well as it eliminates odors. Effective for spot cleaning and large-scale projects alike, this cleaning solution can remove a wide range of stains from virtually any kind of carpeting. In fact, many of the customers who have their carpets cleaned using the “Number 1” solution say that their carpet has never looked better. Both customers and carpet cleaning professionals also appreciate how our cleaner works quickly, allowing their projects to be completed in a prompt and efficient manner.

To learn more about how you can benefit from using our “Number 1” carpet deodorizer, contact Beckart Environmental today. We would be happy to answer any questions you have about the product and place your first order.