Try Beckart Environmental’s Innovative “Number 1” Carpet Stain Remover

Professional carpet cleaners across the industry say they are blown away by how well Beckart Environmental’s “Number 1” carpet stain remover eliminates even the toughest of stains. Formulated by our expert team of in-house chemists, this carpet cleaning solution works fast and does an incredibly good job at removing blemishes from carpet and other materials. To use the stain remover, you simply need to mix the powdered product with the appropriate amount of water and then spray it directly onto stains. In addition to making a carpet look much better than it did previously, this solution will also eliminate bothersome smells caused by pets, smoke, damp conditions, and other sources.

When you try our “Number 1” carpet stain remover, you’re also sure to appreciate how easy it is to use. By following these simple instructions you’re bound to see excellent results:

  • In many cases, you can fully remove stains and odors simply by spraying the problem area and then allowing the solution to dry.
  • If you decide to use a carpet cleaning machine, make sure to let the chemical that you’ve sprayed sit for at least 30 minutes before going over it with the equipment.
  • Like with virtually any other carpet cleaning product, it’s wise for you to test the “Number 1” carpet cleaner on a small area of carpet before using it in full to ensure that it doesn’t discolor the carpet in any way.

Ready to try the innovative new carpet stain remover that’s already become the first choice of many professionals across the industry? Contact Beckart Environmental today to learn more about our “Number 1” carpet cleaner and place your first order.