The Benefits of Using a Centrifugal Separator from Beckart Environmental

A centrifugal separator is a key piece of equipment for many industrial processes. This technology is used in wastewater treatment systems to dewater sludge, so the waste can be disposed of in a cost-efficient fashion. Centrifugal separator equipment is also used for processes related to refinement, degumming, FOG recovery, and more.

When businesses want the finest centrifugal separator equipment available, they turn to Beckart Environmental. Our centrifuge technology stands out because of its:

  • Heavy-duty components that meet the highest standards for quality, ensuring the equipment will perform well through the years
  • Capacity to handle up to 150 gallons per minute, so the equipment can be used for large operations
  • Widespread compatibility with other equipment and plant processes, simplifying the installation process
  • Energy-efficient operation that can help minimize the cost of your monthly electricity bills

Expert Support Services

Another benefit of buying your sludge centrifuge or pharmaceutical centrifuge from Beckart Environmental is having access to our wide-ranging support services. Before you make your purchase, we can study your needs to determine what type of wastewater, biodiesel, or other type of centrifuge will be best for you. Our installation team can then set up the machine and prepare it for use. You can also rely on us to train your team on how to operate wastewater centrifuges, so that your equipment will be used as efficiently as possible.

For more information about how you can complete your manufacturing processes with a centrifugal separator, contact Beckart Environmental today.