Chemicals for Wastewater Treatment From Beckart Environmental

Beckart Environmental offers a wide range of chemicals for wastewater treatment that can help maximize efficiency during the clarification, thickening, and dewatering stages of the wastewater treatment process. Because many factors will determine which chemicals you should use for your system, you may want us to first assess the content of your untreated wastewater so we can recommend chemicals accordingly. That way, we can advise you on what type and quantity of chemicals you should use to achieve the best possible results. Otherwise, you risk damaging your equipment, spending more on chemicals than the benefits will justify, and running up high energy bills with an inefficient system. We can also help you establish and monitor treatment logs, audit your system, monitor effluent quality, and provide other recommendations on how you can treat your wastewater in a cost-efficient fashion.

We offer chemicals for many different industrial and municipal wastewater treatment applications. Our selection includes:

We also offer chlorine dioxide products, which you can use for odor control, water treatment, and other purposes. Choose from tablets for smaller batches, Aqua-Dry Kits for larger batches, and Air Relief 3001 canisters for creating a concentrated chlorine dioxide gas that will fill an enclosed space when used with a fogger or humidifier.

Equipment for Applying Wastewater Treatment Chemicals

To effectively apply wastewater treatment chemicals, you need to use the right equipment. In addition to providing chemicals for wastewater treatment, Beckart Environmental can supply virtually any related technology that you require.

Do you know exactly what equipment you need? Our team can create a custom-tailored solution to meet your specifications. Are you not sure what equipment would work best for you? We’re ready to help you evaluate your needs and recommend equipment accordingly. Our selection includes:

Chemical Feed Systems

Manually administering treatment chemicals is impractical for a number of reasons. For starters, it costs a lot of money when you have to pay employees to do this work, and it can be difficult for a manual operator to precisely administer treatment chemicals.

With an automated chemical feed system from Beckart Environmental, you can have treatment chemicals applied with exacting precision and with no associated labor costs. Like all of our other automated equipment, our chemical feed systems can make a big difference in maximizing the efficiency and profitability of your operations.

Mixing Tanks

When you apply treatment chemicals for wastewater treatment, you must make sure that the chemicals are dispersed evenly through the wastewater you’re treating. This is where mixing tanks come in.

The tanks feature special propeller-like devices that rotate to spread treatment chemicals evenly through wastewater. If you need a mixing tank, our team will work closely with you to customize the equipment for the specific needs of your chemical treatment program.

Human-Machine Interface (HMI) Systems

As you work to make important decisions regarding your chemical treatment program, having relevant information about your operations is key. You’ll need to know how much of each type of chemical you’re using and what the measurable results of those efforts are.

Our human-machine interface (HMI) technology can help you make evidence-based decisions regarding your treatment programs. The system provides you with graphical representations of the pertinent data on a high-definition screen. Your HMI system will also provide you with remote connectivity so that you can easily assess your operations from any location with an internet connection.

Find Your Ideal Chemical-Treatment Solution

To discuss which chemicals for wastewater treatment will best meet your needs, contact Beckart Environmental today. When you do, ask how our chemists can create custom, optimized blends specifically for your facility and how our automated chemical feed systems can minimize the need for manual operation intervention. With a presence that spans five continents, we proudly serve facilities worldwide.