Chlorine Dioxide Tablets for Water Treatment, Disinfection and Odor Control Available from Beckart Environmental

The latest addition to Beckart Environmental’s line of chlorine dioxide products, tablets are an efficient and easy way to make anywhere from a liter to a gallon of powerful ClO2 solution perfect for a wide variety of odor control & water treatment applications. Simply allow one of our tabs to dissolve in the designated amount of water and in just five minutes you’ll have up to a 500ppm solution that can help eliminate odor, sanitize and disinfect a wide variety of surfaces. Just a few of the many different places this chlorine dioxide solution can be used include, Auto, RV and boat interiors, septic systems, sump pumps, restrooms and bathrooms, wastewater treatment facilities and garbage containers. The product is ideal for eliminating cigarette smoke, pet odors, etc.

We Offer Chlorine Dioxide Solutions for All Applications

These chlorine dioxide tablets are just one of the many innovations in ClO2 generation that we’ve developed over our more than 30 years of supplying chemicals for water treatment. We also have a selection of other chlorine dioxide products including:

  • Air-Relief 3001 – produces a chlorine dioxide vapor to disinfect nearly any enclosed space
  • Aqua-Dry – packets designed to generate five gallons of a 400ppm solution for cleaning and water treatment
  • Aqua-Dry Kits – prepackaged kits of our Aqua-Dry compound designed to produce up to 25 gallons of a 1200ppm solution for small to medium size industrial wastewater treatment facilities

For more information on our other chlorine dioxide products, contact Beckart Environmental today.