Beckart Environmental Offers Chlorine Dioxide Supplies for Odor Control and Wastewater Treatment

Chlorine dioxide (ClO2) is widely used for odor control, as well as for many applications related to wastewater treatment. Businesses that use ClO2 have long relied on Beckart Environmental. We offer ClO2 products that will suit a range of needs, with a selection that includes:

  • Chlorine tablets that can be used for making up to a gallon of a ClO2 solution for odor control or wastewater treatment. We offer these tablets in a range of sizes that are ideal for smaller applications.
  • Air-Relief 3001 extended-release canisters that will emit chlorine dioxide vapor through the canisters’ closeable vents. The canisters enable users to release odor-eliminating ClO2 vapor on an as-needed basis.
  • Aqua-Dry kits that include one pouch each of a reactor and an activator that can be mixed into water to produce liquid ClO2 solutions in quantities up to 25 gallons, with concentrations up to 1,200 parts per million. These kits are ideal for mid- to large-size applications.
  • ClO2 efficiency kits that accelerate and intensify the use of chlorine dioxide as a car odor eliminator, or for odor control in boats, homes, and other spaces. It works well for smoke odor removal, as well as for eliminating odors related to pets, septic systems, hydrogen sulfide, and more. The chlorine dioxide production kits consist of a carrying case that includes an aerator, ClO2 tablets, and all other necessary supplies.

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