Beckart Environmental Chlorine Dioxide Gas Systems for Odor Removal

Chlorine dioxide gas has long been recognized as being highly effective at eliminating odors caused by smoke, pets,   and water damage. It can be used in homes, automobiles, boats, RVs, bathrooms, and other enclosed spaces. To learn how chlorine dioxide can meet your odor removal needs, turn to Beckart Environmental. We offer the following products that release ClO2 dioxide gas for odor control:

  • Air Relief 3001 – These canisters have air vents in the cap that can be opened and closed to release odor-removing ClO2 vapor as needed over the course of 30 days.
  • ClO2 efficiency system – This system speeds up and simplifies the process of using our chlorine dioxide products for odor control. We will provide you with a carrying case that includes an aerator, a container where you can activate the ClO2 with water, and two hoses for drawing the ClO2 into the aerator. Simply set everything up and press a button on the aerator and the system will achieve complete ClO2 dispersal in as little as 50 minutes (dispersal time depends on the amount of chlorine dioxide being used).

In addition to odor eliminator systems that emit chlorine dioxide gas, we also offer ClO2 products for other applications. This includes tablets that can be used to create chlorine dioxide solutions for eliminating odors from many surfaces and for small wastewater treatment operations.

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To learn more about how you can use our chlorine dioxide gas systems for smoke odor removal, pet odor removal, or other applications, contact Beckart Environmental today. We have chemical depots located on five continents and proudly serve customers around the world.