Chlorine Dioxide Tablets from Beckart Environmental

Beckart Environmental offers chlorine dioxide tablets to customers around the globe. Chlorine dioxide has long been recognized as an effective odor eliminator that can solve problems related to smoke, pet odors, septic odors, and hydrogen sulfide. It can be used to deodorize industrial waste waters, in auto, boat, and RV interiors, as well as bathrooms and other enclosed spaces. Chlorine dioxide can also be used for oxidation, BOD/COD reduction, and treating water for reuse in wastewater treatment facilities.

Our chlorine dioxide tablets are:

  • Available in a range of sizes and concentrations, so you can create the ideal solution for the task at hand
  • Dissolved in water in about one minute and are at full strength after about five minutes’ reaction time, so they quickly provide a usable chlorine dioxide solution
  • Capable of being used to create solutions that will remain stable for several weeks if stored properly
  • Shipped in airtight packets, which can be safely stored for up to two years

Other Chlorine Dioxide Products

If you want to create chlorine dioxide gas for odor control, you should also consider our products that make releasing ClO2 gas easy and efficient. Our Air Relief 3001 canisters have air vents in the cap that can be opened and closed, so you can release chlorine dioxide gas as needed over the course of 30 days. Furthermore, our ClO2 efficiency system makes dispersing chlorine dioxide gas simpler than ever. An aerator will pull in the ClO2 solution and fully disperse it as gas in as little as 50 minutes (depending on the amount of ClO2 used).

To learn more about our chlorine dioxide tablets or any of our other products, contact Beckart Environmental today.