Cigarette Smoke Removal Made Easy by Beckart Environmental

Cigarette smoke removal is a notoriously difficult task. Few products work well at getting the smell of tobacco out of enclosed spaces such as homes, cars, hotel rooms, and RVs. Fortunately, Beckart Environmental has an innovative solution. Our chlorine dioxide efficiency system utilizes the odor-eliminating power of chlorine dioxide, but makes the job far simpler than it has ever been before.

System Benefits

Here are the advantages of using our chlorine dioxide efficiency system for removing the smell of cigarette smoke:

  • Ease of use – Using this system is simple and requires no prior experience to effectively remove a smoke smell. You will only need to drop chlorine dioxide tablets into water, place an aerator hose into the water, and turn on the aerator.
  • Efficiency – The system will fully disperse chlorine dioxide vapor throughout an enclosed space in as little as 50 minutes, and after the vapor has had time to dissipate, the tobacco smell will be gone.
  • An all-in-one solution – We will provide you with this system as part of a kit that includes everything you will need for effective cigarette smoke removal. The system comes in a carrying case with an aerator, two aerator hoses, and a container for combining chlorine dioxide with water. We can separately provide you with chlorine dioxide tablets in the size and quantity that suits your needs.

To learn more about our chlorine dioxide system, or to order one for your business or personal use, contact Beckart Environmental today. We can provide the ideal odor removal products for your cigarette smoke removal needs.