Find the Right Clarification Tank for Your Wastewater Treatment System

A clarification tank is a key piece of wastewater treatment equipment that separates solids from water. There are different types of clarifiers available – for instance, sedimentation tanks are designed to keep solids at the bottom of the tank, so clarified water can exit the tank separately. At Beckart Environmental, we offer a wide variety of clarifiers to choose from and can help you evaluate your needs to recommend the most appropriate one for you.

Reasons to Choose Beckart Environmental

When you purchase your clarification tank from Beckart Environmental, you will receive:

  • Long-lasting equipment – Our clarifiers are made with heavy-duty components in accordance with industry-recognized best practices for manufacturing, which will ensure that your clarifier will perform efficiently on day one and last long into the future.
  • Competitive prices – One main reason we manufacture our equipment ourselves and then provide it to you directly – keeping middlemen out of the process – is it keeps costs low and saves you money.
  • Many other equipment options – In addition to a clarification tank, we can supply virtually any other equipment you require for your treatment system. We also offer chemical feed systems, mixing tanks, filter presses, human machine interface systems, and more.
  • Attentive customer support – Before and after the sale of your clarifier tank, you can expect Beckart Environmental to be a dedicated partner that’s eager to help ensure your success. Our penchant for building constructive, long-term relationships with our clients is a major reason why we’ve established ourselves as a top treatment equipment manufacturer.

Customer-Tailored Wastewater Treatment Solutions

While many clarifier manufacturers offer wastewater treatment equipment, Beckart Environmental works closely with our clients to develop a custom wastewater treatment system for their specific needs. When you reach out to us, we’ll help you determine what type of sedimentation or flotation clarifier will best reduce the BOD, TSS, and other contaminants you need to remove from your wastewater. To ensure that your clarifier will provide you with exceptional value, we prepare all of our clarifiers with sandblasting and protective epoxy coatings to help them last through the years.

Lamella Clarifiers

Unlike some clarifier manufacturers, Beckart Environment offers sedimentation clarifiers that have a dish bottom (hopper) design. These lamella clarifiers, also known as slant plate clarifiers, differ from traditional wastewater treatment clarifiers in that they feature slanted plates inside the clarification tank. Solids in the wastewater will collide with the plates and then fall to the bottom of the tank, allowing for easy collection and disposal. Other benefits include:

  • Increased settling area – Slanted plates inside lamella clarifiers increase the effective settling area within the tank, promoting greater sedimentation.
  • Consistent compliance – Because our lamella clarifiers operate with a high level of efficiency, you can rest easy knowing that you can consistently meet compliance standards for discharge quality.
  • Smaller footprint – Especially if you have a small facility, you will appreciate how your lamella clarifier takes up less space than a traditional wastewater clarifier.

Schedule a Consultation

To determine what type of clarification tank is best suited for your facility, contact Beckart Environmental today. You can count on our team to provide the effective wastewater treatment solutions you need.