Clarifier Systems Manufacturer With a Complete Line of Settling & Flotation Clarifiers for Industrial & Municipal Applications

Clarifier systems are a key component to many wastewater treatment systems as they help remove contaminants and concentrate them into thicker sludge, reducing the amount of volume required of your dewatering equipment. Of course, like all wastewater solutions, if clarifier systems aren’t properly designed for your needs, meaning they aren’t combined with the correct components and operated with the appropriate chemicals, then they won’t do the job right.

That’s where Beckart Environmental comes in. We take a turnkey approach to your wastewater treatment clarifier needs to ensure maximum efficiency and longevity. First, we’ll speak with you and, if needed, come out to your facility to assess your wastewater challenge. From there, we’ll select the system components for the type of wastewater clarifier treatment your water needs. We’ll then install your system, supply you with the appropriate chemicals, and train your operators to use it.

Benefit From Advanced Wastewater Clarification Technology

Here are some advantages of using a wastewater clarifier system from Beckart Environmental:

Full Automation With Customized PLC Controls

The extent of your labor costs plays a big part in determining the profitability of your operations. By equipping our clarifier systems with programmable logic controllers (PLCs), we can greatly reduce the amount of manual oversight your system requires.

Our automated systems dispense treatment chemicals and perform other operational functions on a pre-programmed basis. In addition to reducing your labor costs, these systems can also improve the overall efficiency of your processes.

Deluxe Features at a Standard Price

At Beckart Environmental, we recognize the importance of having wastewater treatment equipment that’s easy to use, delivers the desired results, and holds up well over time. For this reason, we equip our clarifier systems with all of the features that we feel are necessary to ensure optimal performance, many of which you may need to pay extra for from other manufacturers.

Smooth Integration With Existing Equipment

Do you have an existing treatment system in place but want to upgrade your clarification capabilities? Rather than having to replace all of your equipment to do this, in most cases you can simply obtain a new sedimentation or flotation clarifier from us and have it work with your existing equipment.

The same holds true for the other equipment in our selection, such as our filter presses and centrifuges. This way, you can upgrade virtually any aspect of your system that you want without incurring any additional hassle or expense.

Reduced Costs Thanks to In-House Design & Manufacturing

With some dealers, you would obtain your clarifier from a company that acquired the equipment from a separate manufacturer. In these situations, you’re undoubtedly paying more than you would if you acquired the equipment directly from the source. At Beckart Environmental, we manufacture the majority of our equipment in-house to ensure it meets our rigorous quality standards and pass on meaningful savings to you.

Other Wastewater Treatment Equipment

In addition to clarifier systems, we also manufacture equalization tanks, mixing tanks, chemical feed systems, continuous sedimentation systems, IAF/DAF systems, filter presses, centrifuges, and more. We can design a comprehensive system to manage all of your wastewater needs, and once it’s in place we can deliver the necessary chemicals and maintain your equipment so you can focus on other aspects of your business.

If this sounds like the approach to wastewater treatment you’ve been looking for, call us today to learn more about our clarifier systems and other products and services.