Do You Need a Clarifier Tank for Your Wastewater Treatment System?

A clarifier tank is a key piece of wastewater treatment equipment that assists in separating contaminants from water. For a clarifier that will perform well and meet your unique specifications, look to Beckart Environmental. We are a full-service wastewater treatment equipment manufacturer that has served a diverse array of industrial and municipal clients since our founding in 1978.

The reasons to purchase your clarifier tank from Beckart Environmental include:

  • Quality equipment – We manufacture most of our wastewater treatment equipment ourselves at our world-class facility in Kenosha, Wisconsin, where we utilize the best technology and techniques available to produce equipment that will perform well year after year.
  • Competitive pricing – A major benefit of us providing you with your clarifier tank directly – rather than involving middlemen like many other manufacturers do – is that it keeps costs low and saves you money.
  • Single-source solutions – Whether you need other equipment, chemicals, or support services aside from your clarification tank, you can count on Beckart Environmental for everything you require to set up and run an efficient treatment system.

Get Started with Beckart Environmental

Another quality that distinguishes Beckart Environmental is our phenomenal customer service. As part of our practice of forming productive, long-term relationships with our clients, we will listen closely to you about your needs and provide you with the information you require to make an informed investment.

For a clarifier tank and much more, contact Beckart Environmental today. We’re proud to be the equipment manufacturer of choice for businesses in many different industries around the world. In addition to treatment equipment, we offer a broad range of other sludge dewatering equipment to help you efficiently remove water content from sludge so you can dispose of it with minimal expense.