Clay Flocculant for Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Beckart Environmental offers a clay flocculant called PolyClay that is an excellent alternative to traditional chemical flocculants. To create PolyClay, we combined a coagulant, an anionic polymer, and a cationic polymer to produce a multi-purpose treatment that can be used to address many wastewater impurities, including TSS, BOD, inks, heavy metals, phosphates, emulsified FOGs, and more. PolyClay captures these contaminants in a floc and makes it easier to separate them from water.

PolyClay Benefits

Businesses in many industries choose PolyClay because it is:

  • Fast – Our clay flocculant can help reduce the time it takes to process wastewater in your facility, enabling you to treat a higher volume of water in a shorter amount of time.
  • Safe – Because clay flocculant is non-toxic, it is safe for your employees to handle without special training. It can also be safely stored among other chemicals and mixes, unlike chemical flocculants that would require more careful storage.
  • Cost-effective – By potentially eliminating the need for liquid coagulant and polymer feeds, PolyClay can reduce expenses at your facility.

PolyClay Available in Various Quantities

We offer PolyClay in 50-pound, skid, and super sack quantities, ensuring that we can meet a wide range of needs. In addition to PolyClay, we also provide chemical flocculants, acids, alkalis, perlite, and more. Because we have chemical depots on five continents, we are able to serve clients around the globe.

Chemicals for Wastewater Treatment

In addition to PolyClay, Beckart Environmental offers a wide variety of other chemicals for wastewater treatment that can help maximize efficiency during the clarification, thickening, and dewatering stages of the wastewater treatment process. Because many factors will determine which chemicals you should use for your system, you may want the Beckart team to first assess the content of your untreated wastewater so we can recommend chemicals accordingly. Our service programs also include optimization from our skilled chemists who can help you establish and monitor treatment logs, audit your system, monitor effluent quality, and provide recommendations on improvements to your system so that you can treat your wastewater cost-efficiently. Our chemicals for industrial and municipal wastewater treatment applications include:

  • Coagulants
  • Polymers
  • Filter aids
  • Acids and alkalis
  • Sludge conditioners learn

We also offer chlorine dioxide products for odor control, water treatment, and other purposes. Choose from tablets for smaller batches, Aqua-Dry Kits for larger batches, and Air Relief 3001 canisters for creating a safe and effective air freshener.

Chemical Feed Systems

Beckart can also seamlessly integrate a single chemical feed module into your existing wastewater treatment unit. In addition to our chemical systems, we also offer mix and reaction tanks, continuous sedimentation systems, water recycling systems, and many other advanced water treatment technologies.

Get More Information About Our Water Treatment Services

To learn how PolyClay can help improve your wastewater treatment processes, or to discuss which chemicals for wastewater treatment will best meet your needs,  contact Beckart Environmental today. With a presence that spans five continents, we are a full-service wastewater treatment supplier that offers clay flocculant for clients worldwide.