Choose Beckart Environmental’s ClO2 Efficiency System for Fast and Efficient Odor Removal

Beckart Environmental offers a ClO2 efficiency system that can quickly eliminate odor in virtually any enclosed space. Businesses have long relied on us for our ClO2 odor control supplies, and this convenient system accelerates the process of using our products. To activate the system, users only need to pour water into the included container, add ClO2 tablets to the water, and turn on the aerator, which will take in the ClO2 solution and emit a vapor that will eliminate odors in the space. We offer ClO2 systems designed for use with four gram tablets, 20 gram tablets, 100 gram kits, and 500 gram kits, ensuring that we can meet a wide range of needs. The ClO2 system will fully disperse the ClO2 in 50 minutes for our four and 20 gram tablets, five hours for our 100 gram kits, and eight hours for our 500 gram kits, enabling a more rapid odor removal process than would otherwise be possible.

Benefit from an All-in-One Solution

For your convenience, the ClO2 efficiency system includes everything that is needed to perform this process. We will provide you with a carrying case that contains an aeration device, a container for combining the water and ClO2, two hoses, storage space for the ClO2 products, and a foam base that will keep everything secure and ready for use. The system provides efficient and fast odor removal for:

  • Automobiles
  • Boats
  • Homes
  • Other spaces

After the full time needed for aeration has elapsed, the ClO2 odor will be virtually non-existent. The convenience of this system makes it ideal for businesses in many industries as well as individual customers.

For more information on how our ClO2 efficiency system can meet your odor removal needs, contact Beckart Environmental today.