Important Information about Coagulation Water Treatment

Coagulation water treatment is a technique that makes it easier to remove waste from water. Chemicals called coagulants are added to water to bind waste particles together, so they can be more readily collected. In a traditional clarifier, the goal is to create masses of particles large enough that they will sink to the bottom of the tank. In an air flotation tank, coagulants are used to create large particle clusters that air bubbles can raise to the surface of the water, where the waste can be skimmed away.

Unless you are highly experienced with coagulation water treatment, it’s best to seek out advice from experts before attempting to treat wastewater yourself. It would be wise to have a wastewater assessment conducted to determine what type of chemicals and equipment would work best. It would also likely be beneficial for you to invest in a chemical feed system that will dispense the chemicals automatically to ensure that they are being used in an efficient manner with minimal manual labor required.

To determine how you could benefit from coagulation water treatment, turn to Beckart Environmental. We are a wastewater treatment manufacturer that offers a comprehensive selection of equipment, chemicals, and support services. Our selection includes coagulants in many different quantities, so you can get the ideal amount for your operation. Our chemical feed systems can also help reduce any learning curve involved with running your system.

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