Choose a Continuous Centrifuge From Beckart Environmental

A continuous centrifuge from Beckart Environmental can be used in a wide variety of applications, including sludge dewatering, screening/solids separation, oil refining, and many manufacturing processes. Businesses appreciate the equipment for its remarkable versatility and reliable performance. Some of the equipment’s specific benefits include:

Effective Liquids/Solids Separation

Built in accordance with our company’s high manufacturing standards, our continuous centrifuges do an excellent job of separating liquids from solids, enabling our customers to complete their industrial processes in a cost-effective manner.

Suitability for Volume Flows Large or Small

Are your business’s operations large or small? Do you expect their size to increase or decrease in the future? No matter how you’ve answered these questions, you’ll likely find that Beckart Environmental’s continuous centrifuges are capable of accommodating both your current and future needs. Our centrifuges can handle volume flows of 5-150 gpm (or more), which makes them an appropriate choice for most facilities.

Customized Design

Like with most of the equipment we offer, we can customize our continuous centrifuges to meet your specific requirements. Our goal is to provide you with an equipment solution that fits your needs “like a glove.”

Extensive Compatibility

You’ve made a significant investment in your existing equipment, so it’s understandable that you would rather not replace it. Fortunately, our centrifuges are compatible with most related systems, allowing you to add a continuous centrifuge without having to spend the time and money involved with replacing the equipment you already own.

Energy Efficiency

A successful industrial operation is one that requires as little overhead as possible. For many businesses, reducing energy costs is a big part of this. So, you’re sure to appreciate that we’ve designed our continuous centrifuges to operate in an energy-efficient manner to help reduce your business’s overheard and increase its profitability.


In this day and age, there’s no need for you to manually operate your continuous centrifuge. Beckart Environmental equips its systems with state-of-the-art automation capabilities so that you can know your equipment is always operating in the most efficient manner possible with only minimal oversight required.

Other Products & Services

If you’re buying your continuous centrifuge for municipal or industrial wastewater treatment, you can also rely on us for any other equipment or chemicals you require. We manufacture our systems in adherence with the highest quality standards and then will supply them to you directly, cutting out the middlemen who raise the prices of centrifuge manufacturers. Through our in-house laboratory, we also offer commodity chemicals as well as custom blends for the specific water treatment challenges you face.

Contact Our Team

To learn more about our equipment and related supplies, contact Beckart Environmental today. We will gladly provide you with a consultation to help you decide what type of continuous decanting centrifuge is best suited for your facility.