How Can a DAF System Treat Your Industrial Wastewater?

A dissolved air flotation (DAF) system is used to remove particles that won’t settle out of wastewater easily. These systems are popular among businesses in industries such as food processors, fish processors, textiles, industrial laundry, etc. If you need to remove suspended particulates, emulsified FOGs, or insoluble BOD/COD from your wastewater, look to Beckart Environmental. With a DAF system that can handle from 10 – 1,000 gpm, you can treat all of your wastewater in-house. If you are unfamiliar with DAF systems, here’s how they work:

  • Coagulation and flocculation processes bind solids together in a floc.
  • Fine bubbles are released at the bottom of the DAF tank to raise the floc blanket.
  • The floc is skimmed from the top of the tank while clarified water exits at the bottom.

Because we build our DAF systems in-house, we ensure that they meet the highest standards for quality. By cutting out the middlemen and providing you with this equipment directly, we also save you money. In addition to supplying your DAF system, we can provide any other wastewater treatment equipment you need. For instance, a filter press can dewater the sludge that leaves your DAF tank. Because our Hy-Pack® filter presses are automated, they can also help minimize labor costs at your facility.

Acquire the Ideal Equipment for Your Facility

To determine whether a DAF system is right for your business, contact Beckart Environmental today. We can evaluate your needs and create a custom system that lets you treat your wastewater in a cost-effective fashion.