Choose a Decanter Centrifuge from Beckart Environmental

Decanter centrifuge equipment is crucial for many industrial processes. By rotating mixtures at high speeds, centrifuges separate mixture components that have different densities. Therefore, centrifuges are useful for food, pharmaceutical, beverage, and energy product manufacturing, as well as wastewater treatment applications where slurry needs to be dewatered to allow for disposal to a landfill.

At Beckart Environmental, we will provide you with a decanter centrifuge that is tailored to your specific needs. Because our centrifuges can handle from 5 – 150 gallons per minute, you can count on yours to handle the volume you require. Other benefits of our centrifuges include:

  • Heavy-duty components that ensure the equipment lasts through the years
  • Seamless interfacing that makes it easy to add a centrifuge to your plant processes
  • Energy efficiency that helps contain your monthly energy costs
  • Automation that helps contain your labor costs

Chemicals & Support Services

In addition to supplying your decanter centrifuge, we can provide commodity chemicals for your industrial processes. We also offer proprietary, optimized chemical blends, so you can receive the ideal chemicals for your needs.

If you want help getting your industrial centrifuge and other equipment up and running, we can provide any permitting or start-up assistance you require. Because we offer worldwide service and support, you can receive the expert help you need no matter where your facility is located.

To determine whether you could benefit from using a decanter centrifuge, contact Beckart Environmental today. Since our founding in 1978, we have proudly served clients across a broad range of industries.