The Benefits of Using a Decanting Centrifuge From Beckart Environmental

Beckart Environmental can supply the ideal decanting centrifuge for sludge dewatering, oil refining, screening/solids separation, and many manufacturing processes. This equipment separates solids from liquids by rotating the mixture at a high speed, so the solids can be more easily collected. Like with all our equipment, we manufacture our centrifuges to meet the highest standards for quality by building them with heavy-duty components that stand the test of time.

Here are some reasons to choose a decanting centrifuge from Beckart Environmental:


You need a centrifuge that can handle the current size of your operations. Your centrifuge should also be able to accommodate any growth that your business experiences in the future.

This is one reason why Beckart Environmental’s decanting centrifuges are such a sensible investment. Capable of handling flows ranging from 5-150 gallons per minute, they are an excellent choice for operations large or small, and they give you the freedom to grow your operations as desired without concern that you’ll outgrow the equipment.

Energy Efficiency

Your business exists to generate a profit, but overhead expenses such as energy costs can detract significantly from your business’ profitability. For this reason, we incorporate state-of-the-art technology into our centrifuges that enables them to operate in a highly energy-efficient manner. By using one of our decanting centrifuges, you can carry out your operations while using less energy than many comparable systems would.


A large part of your business’ overhead undoubtedly also goes to labor costs. To keep these costs under control, we build our centrifuges (and other equipment) with automated components that carry out functions on a pre-programmed basis.

Using this equipment, you can keep your labor needs and costs low to maximize your business’ profitability. The equipment’s extensive automation will also help ensure that your decanting centrifuge will operate in the most efficient manner possible.

Chemical Solutions

Depending on your needs, certain treatment chemicals may make the separation process more efficient, and our team has the know-how to determine which chemicals will work best for you. We can provide you with these chemicals in many different container sizes, so you can get the option that is the most appropriate for your facility.

Permitting & Start-Up Assistance

As one of Beckart Environmental’s valued customers, you have access to a full suite of supplemental services that can assist you in setting up and operating your new decanting centrifuge. We can help you assess your needs, obtain permits for your new equipment, install the equipment in your facility, and teach your employees how to use it. In this way, we’ll lessen your workload associated with acquiring the equipment and ensure that all of this work is completed properly.

To discuss how you can benefit from using a decanting continuous centrifuge, contact Beckart Environmental today. We offer sludge centrifuge, oil centrifuge, and other centrifuge equipment and will gladly help you determine which type best suits your needs. Beckart Environmental is a full-service wastewater equipment manufacturer that has helped a wide range of industries and businesses since its founding in 1978.