Why Choose a Dewatering Centrifuge from Beckart Environmental?

With a dewatering centrifuge from Beckart Environmental, you can dewater sludge at your industrial facility in an efficient manner. The centrifuge will separate solids from water by rotating sludge at a high speed. The dewatered sludge that remain will be ready for disposal at a landfill.

Because your new dewatering centrifuge will be able to handle 5-150 gpm, you can use it to treat large volume flows. It will run on an automated basis and require little operator attention, saving you money in labor costs. Since we design our centrifuges with energy efficiency in mind, the equipment can also help keep your electricity costs under control.

The benefits of purchasing a dewatering centrifuge from Beckart Environmental include:

  • Top-quality equipment – Known for providing the finest wastewater treatment systems, we offer sludge decanter equipment that is built with heavy-duty components that last.
  • A comprehensive selection – We can supply any wastewater treatment products you need. Because we manufacture almost all of our equipment ourselves and have our own advanced chemical laboratories, we can supply a custom solution for virtually any wastewater treatment challenges you face.
  • Expert support services – From treatability studies to remote system monitoring, we can provide all the assistance you need to set up your system and operate it efficiently.

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To determine whether you would benefit from adding a dewatering centrifuge to your industrial facility, contact Beckart Environmental today. We will gladly discuss your needs and recommend a disc or decanter centrifuge accordingly.