Purchase Dissolved Air Flotation Equipment from Beckart Environmental

One of the most trusted sources for dissolved air flotation equipment is Beckart Environmental. We manufacture dissolved air flotation (DAF) tanks, which separate waste from water by releasing tiny air bubbles that attach to solids in the water, raising the waste to the surface where it can be skimmed away. Our dissolved air flotation tanks are built in accordance with the highest quality standards to ensure long-lasting performance.

As a full-service manufacturer that is known for providing clients with comprehensive treatment solutions, Beckart Environmental also offers:

  • Water treatment chemicals – It’s often necessary to use chemicals to change the pH level of wastewater or make solids easier to separate from liquid. We offer a wide variety of commodity chemicals as well as customized chemical blends for making these processes work as efficiently as possible.
  • Sludge dewatering equipment – The waste that is skimmed out of your dissolved air flotation tank will need to have water removed from it so the waste can be gathered and disposed of in a cost-efficient manner. Our filter presses and centrifuges do an exceptionally good job of removing the water content from sludge.
  • Comprehensive support services – Our expert team can help in almost any way you need us to. We can identify your water treatment needs through a treatability study, help you obtain proper permitting, install your system, teach your employees how to use it, and even monitor the system remotely via an Ethernet cable.

Get in Touch with Our Team

If you’re interested in upgrading your dissolved air flotation equipment or improving some other aspect of your existing processes, contact Beckart Environmental today. We can schedule a consultation to discuss your needs and the various treatment options you have to choose from to reduce FOG, remove metal from wastewater, or achieve any other goals you need to meet. Beckart Environmental is a widely respected manufacturer of DAF clarifier equipment that has a presence on five continents and proudly serves clients worldwide.