Beckart Environmental Offers Dissolved Air Flotation Systems for Facilities Worldwide

Dissolved air flotation is an effective method for treating wastewater that contains particles that won’t settle out of the wastewater easily. In such a system, the wastewater will first undergo a flocculation process that binds the particles together in a floc. Next, the wastewater will move into an aeration tank, in which fine bubbles released at the bottom of the tank will attach to the floc and raise it to top the tank, where it can be skimmed from the wastewater’s surface.

At Beckart Environmental, we manufacture all of our dissolved air flotation equipment in-house adhering to our exceptionally high standards for quality. This means we can provide you with premium equipment directly, saving you money. We also offer induced air flotation systems and can help you determine what type of continuous flotation system will best meet your needs.

Our continuous flotation systems are engineered to reliably handle large volumes of wastewater, which makes them suitable for flow rates ranging from 10 GPM to 1,000 GPM. These systems are highly effective at treating wastewater that contains:

  • Free-floating or emulsified oils
  • Dissolved heavy metals
  • Soaps
  • Surfactants
  • Other contaminants

Plus, by choosing to have your continuous flotation system equipped with a programmable logic controller, you can eliminate most labor requirements associated with running the system. With a PLC, your staff can simply review all pertinent system information on a user-friendly, LED-illuminated diagram, and specialized software will facilitate easy controlling, reporting, and monitoring of the treatment process.

To discuss how a dissolved air flotation system can address the contaminants in your business’ wastewater, contact Beckart Environmental today.