Try Beckart Environmental’s New Filter Cloth for Filter Presses

Filter presses are a key component in many wastewater treatment systems, enabling users to dewater sludge in a relatively easy and cost-effective manner. However, many organizations find it burdensome to install the filter cloths that must go around each plate in these machines. When using a traditional filter cloth product, each cloth takes about 20 minutes to install, making this a time-consuming task to perform. Some businesses even end up paying specialists to install their filter cloths because they lack the manpower to install the cloths themselves.

What Makes Our Filter Cloths Different From the Norm?

In order to save users time and money, Beckart Environmental has developed filter cloths that are far easier to install. Our filter cloths can be attached using Velcro, enabling you to install each filter cloth within about two minutes. Their innovative design makes them an appealing option for a wide array of industrial and municipal customers. And, since our filter cloths can be made to fit all makes and brands of filter presses, they are a feasible option for any facility that utilizes filter press technology.

Our Hy-Pack® Filter Press Equipment

If you’re also in the market for a new filter press, Beckart Environmental can provide you with well-engineered equipment that’s customized for your specific needs. Thousands of our Hy-Pack® filter presses have been installed around the world – an indicator of the equipment’s versatility and widespread appeal. We offer our Hy-Pack® filter presses in a broad range of sizes and with notable features such as pneumatic hydraulic systems, automatic plate shifters, and low-pressure hydraulic switches. We would be happy to speak with you about your sludge dewatering needs and help you determine how our equipment can make your processes more efficient.

To learn more about the benefits of our easy-to-install filter cloth and our Hy-Pack® filter press equipment, contact Beckart Environmental today and schedule a free consultation.