Hy-Pack® Filter Press System – Effective Sludge Dewatering for Your Industrial Operation

If you’re in the market for a filter press system, be sure to look at the Hy-Pack® line from Beckart Environmental. We have options suitable for treatment systems of any size, from simple 470mm plate presses for 4 cu. ft. batches all the way to 1200mm plate presses for batches up to 125 cu. ft. All of our wastewater filters come with a number of standard features including solid steel head and follower plates, all-welded hydraulic cylinders, 100 psi-rated polypropylene filter press plates, polypropylene filters and 2-speed hydraulic pumps, which make our Hy-Pack® presses capable of producing filter cakes that are 30-50% solids. In many cases, this means that your filter cakes will be landfill-ready, and can completely eliminate your need for expensive sludge disposal services.

We also offer our customers a variety of other optional equipment and supplies designed for their Hy-Pack® filter press system including:

  • Forkliftable dump carts
  • Plate shifters
  • Air-operated sludge pumps
  • Air-operated hydraulic systems
  • High-efficiency infrared sludge dryers
  • Extra filter plates
  • Extra filter cloths
  • Extra o-rings
  • And more

Reverse Osmosis Filters

For further filtration, we also offer reverse osmosis industrial water filters. This equipment can be used in combination with our Hy-Pack® sludge presses for wastewater recycling systems that eliminate your effluent stream altogether. Best of all, we can offer lower prices on our wastewater filtration systems than other contractors since we produce all of our filter presses in house, along with the majority of our other equipment. We even offer a 1-year equipment warranty, so you know your investment will be protected.

To find out which Hy-Pack® filter press system from Beckart Environmental is right for your operation, contact us today.