Choose a Hy-Pack® Filter Press for Your Wastewater Treatment Facility

Beckart Environmental’s Hy-Pack® filter press equipment makes dewatering sludge easier for clients in industries such as cement production, stone fabricating, and metal finishing. The equipment, which is compatible with a wide range of wastewater treatment systems, features a series of plates that, when closed, form chambers that can be filled with sludge. By applying pressure to these plates, the press forces the water content out the sludge, leaving dry solid cakes in the filters for removal.

Benefit from High-Level Performance

The Hy-Pack® filter press boasts excellent solids retention, leaving behind an average of 35-50 percent solids in the filters, which makes disposal cost-effective. Plus, facilities with a Hy-Pack® filter press will have minimal need for human labor. The equipment is highly automated, limiting the need for operators to equipment set up, cake removal, and routine maintenance.

Our presses function effectively thanks to features such as cold-draw steel side rails, solid hot-rolled steel head and follower plates, all-welded hydraulic cylinders, and an air blowdown drain system, which all come standard. These notable components help explain why thousands of our filter presses have been installed worldwide.

Find All the Equipment You Need Among Our Selection

As a full-service wastewater treatment supplier, Beckart Environmental can also provide many other types of equipment for sludge dewatering and disposal, including:

  • Infrared sludge dryers
  • Plate shifters
  • Discharge conveyors
  • Dump carts for forklifts
  • Drum disposal systems
  • Air-operated sludge pumps

To learn how your facility can benefit from a Hy-Pack® industrial filter press, contact Beckart Environmental today. With a presence on five continents, we serve clients worldwide.