Filter Presses and Other Wastewater Treatment Equipment for the Painting and Coating Industry Manufactured by Beckart Environmental, Inc

Facilities that provide painting and coating services are up against a unique set of challenges when it comes to wastewater treatment, and they need a system that is designed to meet it. Filter presses play a huge role in determining whether a system can adequately handle paint wastewater, as pigments and other solids make up much of the particulate that needs to be removed and disposed of in the treatment process. At Beckart Environmental we equip all of our painting and coating facility systems with our Hy-Pack® filter presses. These presses provide effective solids retention and produce dry sludge cakes that are ready for disposal. Fully automated and easy to operate, Hy-Pack® presses also help streamline your wastewater treatment process.

Our engineers can combine these presses with other Beckart components to create a complete treatment system for your painting and coating plant that provides a variety of solutions, including:

Many of our components, including our filter presses, are designed and manufactured in house. This ensures that they meet our rigorous quality standards and integrate easily to create highly efficient systems. All of our treatment solutions are also created to work seamlessly with your existing machinery,  so you won’t have alter the way you do business to achieve optimum wastewater treatment.

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