Treat Food Wastewater Effectively with a Treatment System from Beckart Environmental

Food wastewater presents challenges for many businesses in the food industry. With discharge standards tightening and haul-out costs on the rise, many food processers have found that they can lower their total operating costs by treating their wastewater in-house. At Beckart Environmental, we serve businesses in the food industry ranging from meat packers and fish processors to producers of condiments and baked goods, so we understand the unique challenges that come with treating food wastewater. As a full-service wastewater treatment supplier, we offer all of the equipment, chemicals, and support services you need to treat food wastewater as effectively as possible.

Plus, because we manufacture virtually all of our equipment ourselves, according to our own stringent quality control standards, we can provide you with premium-quality equipment directly, for less than you would likely pay elsewhere. We can install the ideal system for addressing the following problems:

  • TSS (Total Suspended Solids)
  • BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand)
  • FOG (Fats, Oils, and Grease)
  • And other wastewater issues

Furthermore, we can provide the employee training, system monitoring, preventative maintenance, and any other after-sale services that you need after we’ve installed the system. With Beckart Environmental, all the wastewater treatment solutions you require are just a phone call away.

Plan Your Consultation

To determine what type of food wastewater treatment system is right for your facility, contact Beckart Environmental today. Unlike other suppliers, we will provide you with consulting free of charge as long as you purchase one of our systems. Beckart Environmental proudly serves industrial wastewater treatment facilities around the globe.