Home Odor Removal Made Easy with Air Fresh Systems from Beckart Environmental

Are you searching for a home odor removal product that will eliminate bothersome smells and keep them from returning over an extended period of time? If so, Beckart Environmental’s Air Fresh systems are the perfect choice for you. These innovative packets utilize odor-killing chlorine dioxide to rid your home of a wide range of unpleasant smells, including those related to smoke, pets, septic systems, damp conditions, and other issues. Best of all, Air Fresh packets remain effective for up to 90 days, providing you with consistent protection against odors during that time.

Using our Air Fresh home odor removal system is as simple as placing the packet in the space where you want to eliminate unpleasant odors. It can be in an air duct, sports bag, closet, basement, or restroom – you simply need to be able to stash the odor neutralizer somewhere that’s out of reach of children and pets. After completing that step, you can expect the following:

  • The packet will activate automatically within 24-48 hours due to moisture in the air.
  • You can safely occupy an area where the packet is removing odors.
  • The chlorine dioxide vapor that the packet releases will destroy smells at their source, rather than simply masking them like many other home odor removal products would.

Chlorine Dioxide Efficiency System

In instances where you need even stronger odor-eliminating power and you only need it on a one-time basis, our chlorine dioxide efficiency system may be the best choice for you. This system is an all-in-one-kit that makes it easier than ever to quickly remove odors within an enclosed space. To use it, you simply add chlorine dioxide tablets to water and then turn on the aerator to transform the liquid chlorine dioxide solution into vapor, so you can completely eradicate problematic smells from an enclosed space in as little as 50 minutes.

Contact Beckart Environmental today to learn more about the proven home odor removal solutions that we offer for customers like you around the globe.