The Benefits of Industrial Centrifuge Equipment from Beckart Environmental

Industrial centrifuge equipment is used to separate components in mixtures by rotating them at high speeds and encouraging solids/oil/water seperation. At Beckart Environmental, we offer decanter- and disc-style centrifuges for many industrial applications. Because our centrifuges interface easily, you can integrate them into many plant processes. Like all of our equipment, our centrifuges are built to last through the years and provide an excellent return on your investment. An industrial centrifuge can also help you control labor costs at your facility, since they require little operator attention. In short, our centrifuges represent the height of filtering and separating technology. Because they can handle from 5 – 150 gallons per minute, you can use them treat larger flows, if needed. Typical applications of our centrifuges include:

  • Municipal and industrial sludge dewatering
  • Closed-loop, zero-discharge, and recycling applications
  • Separation, refinement, and purification manufacturing processes
  • Degumming
  • Washing
  • Neutralization
  • Fractionation
  • Winterization
  • Clarification
  • Oil, grease, and fat recovery
  • Food and beverage processing
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Fossil and bio-fuel refining

No matter what application you have in mind, if you want help setting up your industrial centrifuge, or any of the other equipment that we offer, we’ve got you covered. Because we are a full-service company that seeks to form long-term relationships with our clients, we will provide all of the expert service and support you need.

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