Choose a Hy-Pack® Industrial Filter Press for Your Facility

If you want the ideal industrial filter press for your facility, look to Beckart Environmental. We specialize in helping industrial clients dewater sludge in the most efficient manner possible, and we can proudly say that thousands of our Hy-Pack® series filter presses have been installed worldwide. These plate-and-frame presses include many advanced features, such as cold-draw steel side rails, all-welded hydraulic cylinders, hot-rolled steel head and follower plates, and air blowdown drain systems, which you may pay more for from other manufacturers.

Thanks to an innovative design, our presses routinely outperform alternative types of dewatering equipment, including rotary vacuum, horizontal vacuum, and belt filter presses. Some of the benefits of our Hy-Pack® filter presses include:

  • Efficient solids retention – Our presses will produce 35-50 percent solids in the filter cake, yielding a highly compact sludge cake that you can dispose of easily and affordably.
  • Full automation capabilities – Your Hy-Pack® industrial filter press will essentially require operator assistance only for setup, cake removal, and maintenance, minimizing the need for labor at your facility.
  • Easy integration – We’ve designed our filter presses with compatibility in mind, enabling you to add a filter press to virtually any system without having to replace your existing equipment.

Get in Touch

To determine what type of industrial filter press is best suited for your facility, contact Beckart Environmental today. We can also provide many other types of filter press dewatering equipment and supplies that will help you effectively dewater sludge. For instance, we offer infrared dryers, dump carts for forklifts, and drum disposal systems, as well as filter aids to promote high solids content in the residual filter cakes.