The Industrial Wastewater Treatment Supplier of Choice for Businesses Worldwide – Beckart Environmental

Since 1978, Beckart Environmental has served industrial wastewater treatment facilities around the globe. We are a full-service wastewater treatment supplier that manufactures virtually all of its equipment in-house so we can provide our clients with top-quality equipment directly, saving them money. Whether you need to create a treatment system from scratch, upgrade components of the system you have now, or want other innovative solutions that will help you prepare your wastewater for re-use or discharge in the most cost-effective manner possible, Beckart Environmental can provide a single-source solution for all your needs.

Comprehensive Wastewater Solutions

You can rely on Beckart Environmental for:

  • Wastewater treatment equipment – We offer wastewater mixers, sedimentation clarifiers, dissolved air flotation (DAF) and induced air flotation (DAF) tanks, sludge dewatering equipment, and much more. No matter what type of industrial wastewater treatment system you need, we can supply all the necessary components.
  • Wastewater treatment chemicals – You can turn to Beckart Environmental for a wide array of commonly used coagulants, flocculants, filter aids, acids, alkalis, and sludge conditioners. Through our in-house laboratory, we can also create custom chemical blends for your specific requirements.
  • Support services – Whether you need a treatability study, training for your staff, or remote monitoring and control of your system, Beckart Environmental can supply services that will help you treat your facility’s wastewater as effectively as possible.

To discuss your industrial wastewater treatment needs, contact Beckart Environmental today. We proudly serve stone cutters, corrugated box plants, metal wastewater treatment facilities, food wastewater treatment facilities, industrial laundry wastewater treatment facilities, and many other businesses worldwide.