Industrial Wastewater Treatment Systems for Clients Worldwide

Beckart Environmental sells and installs custom industrial wastewater treatment systems for businesses involved in corrugated box production , granite, printing, packaging, food processing, and other industries. Whether you need to improve your current wastewater treatment capabilities or create a new system from scratch, we can meet your needs. Our comprehensive selection of wastewater treatment equipment includes:

  • Water washers – These self-contained batch/flotation systems are ideal for treating waste streams with low solids content or low volume. Businesses that have smaller facilities also appreciate these units because they only need 9 to 60 square feet of floor space.
  • Lamella clarifiers – Designed to help separate solids from water through sedimentation, this type of wastewater clarifier includes inclined plates that increase the effective settling area within the unit.
  • Filter presses – These presses make dewatering sludge easy and cost-effective. The units in our Hy-Pack® series are highly automated and can easily be integrated into most existing wastewater treatment systems.
  • pH neutralization and chemical feed systems – These systems automatically feed chemicals into water treatment systems as needed to optimize treatment processes. In the case of a pH neutralization system, it automatically feeds acids or alkalis to lower or raise pH respectively.

Chemicals & Services

In addition to wastewater treatment equipment, we provide commonly used chemicals as well as custom chemical blends. This includes polymers, flocculants, acids, alkalis, odor control chemicals, and more. We also provide comprehensive support services ranging from treatability studies and permitting to equipment maintenance and remote system monitoring.

If you want a single-source solution to your wastewater treatment needs, contact Beckart Environmental today. Founded in 1978, we have a long history of serving clients across a broad range of industries. We have representatives on five continents and offer industrial wastewater treatment systems for clients around the globe. We look forward to discussing how we can meet your needs.