How a Lamella Clarifier Can Be More Effective Than a Traditional Clarifier

A lamella clarifier is a type of equipment that is used by many businesses that perform wastewater treatment. Like any clarifier, this equipment is designed to help separate solids from water. However, it is built a little differently to make the process more effective.

The main difference between a lamella clarifier and an ordinary clarifier is that a lamella clarifier contains inclined plates, which increase the settling area within the tank. Wastewater will enter at the lower part of the tank, where some solids will settle to the bottom. As the wastewater rises within the tank, solids will collide with the plates and then fall to the bottom of the clarifier. Clarified water will then exit the clarifier at the top of the tank.

Lamella Clarifiers from Beckart Environmental

If you are interested in determining how you can benefit from using a lamella clarifier, contact Beckart Environmental today. We are a full-service treatment equipment manufacturer that will provide you with a lamella clarifier directly to save you money.

Our clarifier features a dish bottom (hopper) design, which makes it easy to remove the settled sediment from the tank and clean the equipment. Other advantages of our lamella clarifier include:

  • An increased settling area – The inclined plates inside our clarifiers increase the effective settling area within the tank, promoting greater sedimentation.
  • Versatility – Our clarifiers are suitable for many different industries, including packaging, machining, and food processing.
  • Consistent compliance – Because our clarifiers offer a high level of efficiency, you can rest easy knowing that you can consistently meet compliance standards for discharge quality.
  • Modular design – Like Beckart’s other wastewater equipment, our clarifiers are easy to integrate into your existing system.
  • Smaller footprint – A Beckart lamella clarifier takes up less space than a traditional wastewater clarifier, which makes ours an excellent choice for facilities with square footage limitations.

Manufacturer-Direct Pricing & Attentive Customer Support

Because we manufacture these clarifiers in-house and then provide them to our clients directly—effectively keeping middlemen out of the process—we can ensure high quality and low costs, which can save you money. And after you’ve bought a clarifier, Beckart Environmental will be a dedicated partner. Our penchant for building constructive, long-term relationships with our clients is a major reason why we’ve established ourselves as a top treatment equipment manufacturer for industrial and municipal facilities worldwide.

Tailored Wastewater Treatment Solutions

Our selection of treatment equipment also includes dissolved air flotation (DAF) tanks, chemical feed systems, filter presses, centrifuges, and much more. Additionally, you can rely on us for expert support services, such as treatability studies, system installation, employee training, and remote system monitoring. The single-source solution that we provide will enable you to treat your wastewater in a cost-efficient fashion that satisfies all relevant discharge standards.

For more information about our lamella clarifiers, contact Beckart Environmental today. Since our founding in 1978, we have proudly served clients worldwide across a broad range of industries.