An Odor Eliminator for Cars that Is Fast and Effective

If you need an odor eliminator for cars, turn to Beckart Environmental. Our chlorine dioxide (ClO2) efficiency system simplifies the process of using ClO2 to remove odors from vehicles. ClO2 is highly effective at eliminating odors caused by smoke, pets, and moisture, and rather than simply masking these odors, it eliminates them at their source. Our ClO2 efficiency system lets you quickly disperse vapor inside of a car. The vapor will be fully disseminated in as little as 50 minutes, and as time passes, the chlorine dioxide odor will disappear. The speed of our efficiency system makes it convenient for auto dealerships and other businesses with similar needs. By reducing the amount of time it takes to remove odors from vehicles, it can save you time and money. Using our chlorine dioxide efficiency system is as simple as following these steps:

  • Pour water into the container we provide
  • Add chlorine dioxide tablets to the water
  • Place the aerator hose into the chlorine dioxide solution
  • Turn on the aerator

Other Applications

In addition to being used as an auto odor eliminator, this system works in other enclosed spaces as well. So, if you also need to remove odors from a home, hotel room, basement, boat interior, portable bathroom, or building, you will have the right tool for the job. The vehicle odor removal system can be used to disperse large quantities of chlorine dioxide, including our 4 gram tablets, 20 gram tablets, 100 gram tablets, 100 gram kits, and 500 gram kits. That way, you can use the system for large-scale applications, if needed. If you want an easy and effective way to remove odors from vehicles, contact Beckart Environmental today. We are a trusted source for chlorine dioxide odor removal products, and we offer our odor eliminator for cars to businesses worldwide.