An Odor Removal Machine that Delivers Outstanding Results

No matter what type of odor-removal project you need to undertake, Beckart Environmental’s chlorine dioxide efficiency system is up to the challenge. This innovative odor removal machine is capable of eliminating bothersome smells caused by smoke, pets, damp conditions, and many other causes. For this reason, the system is popular among businesses such as auto dealerships that must regularly eliminate odors as part of their day-to-day operations.

Odor Removal Made Easy

In designing our chlorine dioxide efficiency system, we sought to make it as simple as possible to use. That’s why we provide our odor removal machine as part of an all-in-one kit enclosed in a convenient carrying case that you can easily transport. The machine requires no previous odor-removal experience to use – you simply need to follow a few basic steps to get it running. Add chlorine dioxide tablets to water, place an aerator hose in the liquid solution, and then turn on the odor removal machine. You should then vacate the enclosed space and give the machine sufficient time to fully disperse the chlorine dioxide vapor; this can take as little as 50 minutes. After that, you’ll find that all of the bothersome smells have been removed, leaving the space smelling fresher than it has in a long time.

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