If You Need Perlite for Industrial Wastewater Treatment, Look to Beckart Environmental

Beckart Environmental offers perlite for wastewater treatment applications. This product can be used as a filter aid that makes it easier to condition FOGs, semi-colloids, and other substances in wastewater, including:

  • Inks
  • Foods
  • Metals
  • Oils
  • And more

Perlite can also be used as a sludge conditioning agent that facilitates easy removal of the filter cake that remains after dewatering has been completed. It can be used in vacuum filters, tubular filters, leaf filters, and plate filters to improve the consistency of what is left in the filter cake.

At Beckart Environmental, we offer perlite in standard 34-pound bags as well as 1,000-pound bulk bags. Because the product is non-perishable, it can be stored and used over many years for a wide variety of purposes.

Other Chemical Solutions

In addition to perlite, we offer a wide variety of other filter aids and sludge conditioners. We can supply commonly used chemical compositions and can also create customized chemical blends through our in-house laboratories. Our selection includes coagulants and flocculants, clay flocculant, acids and alkalis, and more. We can also install programmable logic controllers (PLCs) that will administer these chemicals automatically, in precise doses, minimizing the need for manual labor.

For more information on how perlite or any of our other filter aids can help you treat wastewater effectively, contact Beckart Environmental today. We have chemical depots located on five continents and proudly serve industrial facilities worldwide. Beckart Environmental is a full-service wastewater treatment supplier that can provide all of the equipment, chemicals, and support services you need.