Beckart Environmental’s “Number 1” Pet Stain Carpet Cleaner Will Do Wonders for Your Flooring

At Beckart Environmental, we offer a pet stain carpet cleaner that can make unsightly blemishes on your carpet a thing of the past. Formulated using odor-killing chlorine dioxide, our “Number 1” cleaner will eliminate bothersome stains and smells, helping to return your carpet to a better condition. You can use our pet stain remover for a variety of applications, ranging from small spot cleaning to large-scale commercial projects. This makes it an excellent choice for homeowners and businesses alike.

How to Use the Cleaner

When using our “Number 1” carpet cleaner, we recommend that you follow these guidelines to ensure the best possible results:

  • For simple spot cleaning, add the cleaner to water in a spray bottle so that you can directly apply the solution to any stains you’re looking to remove.
  • If there’s a pet-related odor coming from the padding below the carpet, you’ll need to sufficiently saturate the carpet above it so that the cleaner can seep down into the padding and eliminate the smell.
  • In most cases, simply spraying a stain with the cleaner and allowing the carpet to dry will prove sufficient for removing blemishes and smells. If you decide to use a carpet cleaning machine, make sure to let the spray sit for at least 30 minutes before you go over it with the device.
  • As with almost any carpet stain or odor remover, it’s advised that before using our cleaner on a large scale, you should test it on a small section of carpet to ensure that it doesn’t discolor the material in any way.

Place Your Order Today

Contact Beckart Environmental today to learn more about our “Number 1” pet stain carpet cleaner and place your first order. If you’re also seeking to remove pet-related smells from materials other than just carpet, be sure to ask about how our chlorine dioxide efficiency system and other products can help you eliminate odors from an entire enclosed space.