Pet Odor Removal Products from Beckart Environmental

Pet odor removal is a notoriously difficult task. Pet-related smells can become entrenched in carpets, plaguing indoor areas with bothersome odors that do not seem to fade. At Beckart Environmental, we set out to solve this problem using chlorine dioxide, an odor-destroying chemical we are well known for providing to customers around the world. And, the product that we developed – our “Number 1” carpet cleaner, oxidizer, and deodorizer – has proven highly effective at eliminating pet-related smells directly at their source.

Here is some advice for using our “Number 1” solution for pet odor removal:

  • For spot cleaning, simply add our pet stain remover to water in a spray bottle and you can easily apply the solution to visible sources of pet stains and odors.
  • If the source of the odor is located in the carpet padding, spray enough of the carpet odor remover so that it seeps down through the carpet and makes contact with the area where the smell is coming from.
  • In many cases, pet stains and odors can be oxidized simply by spraying the stain or the source of the odor and allowing the carpet to dry.

Chlorine Dioxide Efficiency Systems

For projects that require the removal of bothersome smells from materials other than flooring, Beckart Environmental offers products that release chlorine dioxide in vapor form to neutralize odors throughout an enclosed space. One of these products is our chlorine dioxide efficiency system, which is an all-in-one kit that contains everything you need to utilize odor-destroying vapor in an easy and effective manner.

Contact Beckart Environmental today for help determining which of our pet odor removal products is right for you.